The Philippines: a guide to 7,000 best islands

5. Go surfing in Siargao

Facing the Pacificsimply north of the island, is Siargao, one amongst the Philippines’ surf centers. The city sees a gradual stream of dedicated surfers UN agency arrive to challenge themselves on the island’s notable Cloud nine reef break. the little beachside city hosts a variety of international aquatics competition, that build it a busy throughout surf season, however fully dead once the waves area unit down. Novices will rent trainers, UN agency you’ll be able to notice on the beach, for around £7 per hour, otherwise you will book a package from a surf edificelike Kermit Surf Resort, that includes a package for £394 per person per week, as well as accommodation, transfers and matched surf lessons.

Where to stay: The essential, £5-a-night Bamboo Garden is standard among backpackers. Surfers tend to remain in Kermit Surf Resort (bungalows area unit £11 per night).

How to get there: There area unit direct flights to Siargao Island. Siargao airdrome is forty-five minutes off from General Roman deitythe situation of the favored Cloud nine beach.

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