On the off chance that you tail us on Instagram, you have likely heard the news: we’re presently situated in Tainan, Taiwan!

It’s a city on Taiwan’s southwest coast, surely understood for its hundreds of years old fortifications and sanctuaries and it’s our first visit here, despite the fact that we have investigated Taiwan previously. We’ll be remaining here until the finish of 2018 and who knows where we head straightaway.

Welcome to Tainan, our impermanent base.

Since we have been here, we’ve seen the island of Taiwan isn’t actually a movement problem area. As a rule, you can inquire as to whether they know anything about the spot they would in all probability miss the mark. Hell – by far most of individuals are probably not going to have the option to point to it on a guide!

For those who’d like to know, it’s a little island generally a similar size as the Netherlands, situated around 100 miles off the shore of southern China. It’s clamoring, silicone-chip capital is Taipei, a powerful blend of antiquated and present day way of life and design.

Taiwan’s dim mountain scene is only one reason for a visit.

Generally known as Formosa, Taiwan has an astonishing number of intriguing sights and attractions, and with a lovely, rocky geography, it very well may be a picture taker’s fantasy. Since we’ve spent quite a while in China and investigated its island neighbor, and they’re here to fill you in on some top sights at which to point your camera focal point.

#1 The Taipei 101 and Skyline

Without a doubt the cutting edge image of Taiwan, the Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest structure until Dubai’s Burj Khalifa stole top spot in 2010. The notable high rise rules the Taipei horizon from wherever you look, yet it’s best saw from the close-by Elephant Mountain, which is an incredible area to take phenomenal photos of the entire city.

The 101 from Elephant Mountain – an incredible spot for pics.

It’s best saw during the evening when the cityscape lights up, yet it’s pleasant to make the moderate climb up whenever of day. Simply remember your tripod on the off chance that you need a great night-shot!

#2 The Sun Moon Lake

Found nearly in the core of the island a little more than three hours drive from the capital, you’ll discover this image postcard lake. It’s the biggest waterway in the nation and on the off chance that you time it right and are honored with great conditions, you could well snap a standout amongst the best photos of your excursion.

The Sun Moon Lake’s fantasy like scene.

There’s an obvious demeanor of riddle about this excellent spot, settled in the lower regions of the Nantou mountains. The territory is additionally home to the indigenous Thao clan, yet ensure you consciously request consent before taking photos of them.

#3 Yehliu

Traveling north and at the very tip of the island is this land cape, with its particular and strange shake arrangements cut from the ocean. Weird shapes have been dissolved as the centuries progressed, making a one of a kind scene from hard and delicate shake.

The eTrampers at Yehliu Geopark.

The Geopark is a very famous day excursion to get you out of the enormous city while being an extraordinary area to take some particular shots. Try not to miss the notable “Ruler’s Head” shake arrangement – a major vacationer attract these parts.

#4 Jiufen Teahouses

A standout amongst Taiwan’s most celebrated and visited locales is the enchanting mountain town of Jiufen, which has a quality of enchantment about its minor, grouped avenues. Wherever you turn there’s a kodak minute, yet it’s the city’s teahouses that are especially photogenic.

Chinese lights enliven Jiufen roads.

Such was the impact of the town’s magical air it turned into the motivation for the setting in the Studio Ghibli motion picture Spirited Away. All things considered, scores of guests (and picture takers) presently run to this once declining previous mining town.

#5 Rainbow Village, Taipei

In the event that you’re hoping to add a sprinkle of shading to your photos, at that point you’ve gone to the ideal spot! The Rainbow Village is an entrancing interest situated in a locale of Taipei. It used to be a military settlement, however a nearby man and previous warrior chose to light up the spot by painting the houses. He at that point escaped!

Taichung Rainbow Village – shades required!

Presently the district pulls in local people and voyagers alike to wonder about the bright roads and abodes, which have been spared from crushing gratitude to his masterful gifts.

#6 Taroko National Park

One of nine national stops in the nation where incalculable photographic open doors flourish, Taroko is ostensibly the most well known and appealing to vacationers. In spite of the fact that there are alternatives to day trip from Taipei, in the event that you truly need to investigate the district you ought to book settlement in the region.

The chasm is a specific feature.

You’ll be amazed with staggering mountain vistas, emotional canyons and roaring waterways, and it’s the ideal area for ardent explorers. Ensure you take the Swallow Grotto trail for the best involvement.

#7 Maokong Mountain

In case you’re into drinking tea just as taking photos (everyone ought to be extremely) at that point this is the spot for you. Maokong mountain is come to by a grand gondola simply outside the capital and it used to be the city’s biggest tea-developing district.

Taking the gondola up Maokong Mountain.

Today there’s as yet a flourishing tea culture just as probably the best spots to see the entire city. There’s likewise some great climbing and outdoors to be had in the area, so pack your apparatus and go for two or three days. You won’t come up short on tea at any point in the near future, that is without a doubt!

Enticing Taiwan

Taiwan is an extremely different little nation that packs a great deal in thinking about its size. Local people are an incredibly cordial pack as well, so don’t be hesitant to make a few inquiries for the best areas to shoot that shade. You’re probably going to get back home with some extremely wonderful pictures and an essential involvement in this genuinely underestimated nation.

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